Los Cronocrímenes (2007) Dir. Nacho Vigalondo

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Los Cronocrímenes or in english, Time Crimes, is a low budget spanish science fiction film. It is about a man, Hector, travelling back in time twice in order to correct the mistakes in the past. In the beginning scene, Hector is allured by the sexually exposed woman that he discovered with his binoculars in his back garden. This part is already breaking the moral code as he is already married and so he goes to find this woman. This is his biggest mistake in his life which he later tries to correct this behaviour through the story. As he travels back in time, he creates many versions of himself, Hector 2, 3 and 4 and they get more violent as they keep making more copies. Hector 1 himself was only looking at the woman’s naked body,while hector 2 tells the woman to take off her clothes. He finds himself in a cycle of actions in which he cannot escape. The last Hector that we see in the film ends up killing the woman in order to save his wife.

The naked in the story is clearly the most innocent character. She is sympathetic and thoughtful as she tries to help Hector when he has a car accident. She doesn’t get put off by the strange terrifying bandage that is wrapped around Hector’s head. Her appearance for her in the movie was just so that Hector could abuse her.

The scientist in the laboratory was the one responsible for the fault of time travelling. He wanted to operate the machine alone himself so he decided to come on saturday with the absence of his co-workers. Instead of stopping Hector to travel back in time, he is naive and easily gets talked out of which results in the number of copies of Hector.

In my opinion this movie is very good and shows clearly how sci-fi doesn’t require that amount of budget. Film students or beginner film-makers around the world should be inspired by this film. There is a clear symbolism of science in the world. AS science today is already killing religion, sometimes science is bad influence on mankind and could turn humans into evil. In addition, as the success of this film, they are making a re-make of this and already announced that its debut will be in the year 2011. We will then see with the more amount of budget, will it make the movie even more successful.

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