Le Samouraï (1967) Dir. Jean-Pierre Melville

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Le Samurai is a 1967 french minimalist crime drama film that revolves around the key term trust. Trusting people outside other than yourself. The main character, Jef Costello, is on an assassination mission to kill but then gets betrayed by the gangster and nearly finding himself killed. He is caught by the police being one of the suspect of the murder. At this point of the film the gangster is also after him in order to protect themselves and also the police is after him for the crime.

Freedom was also a major concept of this film and the pet bird inside of Jef’s apartment symbolises this matter. Jef was no longer trusted by the club owner, so he was no longer a free man. He had the feeling that everyone in town was after him so he was trapped like the bird in his room. The bird also played a positive character towards Jef, he noticed the bird was frightened when the detectives intruded his apartment in order to plant the bugs. Jef Costello is definitely inspired by a western hero stereotype. He does not bond with society and prefers to be alone. He does not speak much, only when he has to and is good at what he does, killing. Most of the time in the movie he is emotionless and does not react to anything.

In the end, Jef finally realises that he cannot trust anyone and also cannot win and the only thing left that he can do is surrender.He strictly follows the moral code by not killing an innocent civilian. He shows up at the club where the murder was taken place which then he was killed.

This movie in my opinion is very good, it foreshadows real life society which you cannot truly trust anyone. It is about betrayal and people taking advantage on you.

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