High Noon (1952) Dir. Fred Zinnemann

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

High Noon is an American western movie starring the famous Garry Cooper and Grace Kelly. The movie is in real time which an interesting technique used. At the beginning scene we see the main character, Marshal Will Kane getting married ready to settle down and live a new life away from his profession. Kane then is forced to face a big decision of wether to choose his job or his wife. Unlike other western heroes he chooses to live in the town so that he is able to protect it. Kane then finds himself in a position of conflict with the town as they don’t understand his thinking and understanding. The killers are coming back in the town in order to kill Kane. He has to fight them without any help from the town even without support from his wife. To help emphasise this moment the camera is put on a crane and zooms away from Kane leaving him alone.

Amy who is Kane’s wife plays an important part in the film. She has a strict moral code against killing whilst Kane’s moral code is strongly to stick with his profession and kill the bad guys in order to keep the town in peace. She has a free spirit and stands up for herself by threatening Kane if he stays with the job she will leave him. As much as she wants to go, she still loves her husband and she hears the gun shot, she comes in searching for her husband.

The law is also the key of the mistake in the movie. The lack of success in the law is what puts Kane and the town in danger. Frank Miller the bad guy, should of been hang 5 years ago for murdering. The lawyer decides to let him free as they were not aware of the consequences of letting them free and leaves the town as soon as the bad guys arrive. Will realises how weak the law is and so he ends up giving up his job and settling down with his wife during the ending.

In my Opinion, High Noon isn’t my favourate western movie but I do respect how the directer has constructed detailed characters in order to create a symbolic storyline.

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