Halloween (1978) Dir. John Carpenter

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Halloween is a 1978 American horror film directed and produced by John Carpenter. This film includes many concepts of the horror genre which surely petrified the audiences. At the first scene, we get to see a point of view shot of the killer, Michael, killing his 15 year old sister. This was a very effective technique to add tension as the screen wasn’t fully exposed to the viewer. We don’t see the face of the killer but only the targeted enemy being stabbed to death. This movie is also strongly related to sexual behaviour of the characters. The characters are usually teenagers and who ever gets naked on screen will eventually get punished by death from the killer. It is those who are sexually active will get killed by the killer as it is his own solution to punishing this behaviour.

Laurie, who has the leading role in the film, is far different from her friends. This is the reason why she was the only one that survived. She is not sexual exposed, compared to her friends, and her main goal is baby sitting and schooling. She has such mother-like characteristics and also very smart. Although she gets pushed around by her friends, she is happy with the way she is. But when she eventually falls for her friend’s world, she also gets chased by the killer.

Michael, the killer, has very complex characteristics. He happens to be closer to the machine side than to human. He is emotionless and all times of the movie and behind a mask which we do not see humanity. The killer is the strongest character in the film, he cannot be defeated. As evil is here to stay in the world, Michael represents evil that the world carries which can never be defeated.

The music also played an effective role in this movie to help create tension. It was repeating continuously every time the appearance of the killer. We also hear breathing sounds of the killer which also added creepiness to the mood.

Overall this movie has created a legacy in the in the horror genre history being one of the first to be unique. It had reference movies like ‘Psycho’ by Alfred Hitchcock and ‘Rear Window’ by Orson Welles. Clearly a lot of movies today has been inspired by this movie.

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